For cPanel server, WHMxtra is one of the effective and unique of add-on module. Designed to turbo
charge your WHM, adding many features you could normally do only via command line or not at all.
Many sophisticated tools used with this WHM like- DDOS protection, install firewall etc.
to save you time and money.
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WHMXtra Overview

WHMXtra is an add-on module for cPanel servers. It is designed to add a little kick to WHM, adding many features you could normally only do via command line or in some cases not at all!


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The Pro Suite adds 200+ features via a simple GUI within WHM, while our cPanel Xtra plugin does a similar job for your end users cPanel accounts. Why wait for tech support when Xtra gives you all the tools you need to secure, repair and manage your server, all from your web browser! Here are just a few of WHMXtra’s key features:


Firewall policy, Rootkit Hunting, Server Audits, MYSQL Performance, Apache/PHP Security, DDOS Protection, SSH Management, Binary Protection, File Permission Fixing


File Repair, Repair Missing DB’s, User/cPanel Account Fixes


Quick links and access to system files!

Installation Management

Check Cpanel RPM’s, Clam AV, Yum Update, Zend/Ioncube

Additional Plugins

Load Monitor, Log View, Xtra Reseller UI, SysNotes2.0


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